From the fashionable to consolidation – Challenges for Tourism in Portugal today

It is precisely at the most favorable moment for a sector of the economic activity when it becomes very important to reflect upon and define consolidation strategies. As this is currently the situation of Tourism in general and the Events and Outdoor Leisure and Cultural in particular, APECATE proposes for its 7th Congress the discussion of topics which it considers as priorities for the development of this sector and areas of activity: qualification and certification of destinations, planning, innovation in the construction and promotion of products, modernization of management, labor legislation, training of human resources and the potential for self-regulation.

January 30th, Wednesday

11h00 | Accreditation

12h30 | Lunch


15h00 | Panel 1 – Challenges for growth: qualifying destinations and products
The future of tourism in Portugal cannot depend on unpredictable dynamics such as the fashions or misfortune of others, nor be compromised by false issues that are more symptomatic of our inability to manage growth than real problems. Tourism in Portugal will be no more than what we are able to consolidate through the qualification, certification of and a clear commitment to the sustainability of our resources.

17h30 | Panel 2 – The Sea – opening new horizons free from constrictive thinking and petty bureaucracies

20h30 | Dinner

January 31st, Thursday

9h30 | Panel 3 – Labor legislation and utilization costs

11h30 | Panel 4 – Management and digital Marketing

13h00 | Lunch

14h30 | Panel 5 – Sectorial perspectives
Panel 5.1 | Outdoor and leisure tourism activities: requirements for self-regulation in the certification of outdoor tourism animators
Panel 5.2 | Congresses and Events – self-regulation

16h30 | Panel 6. Tourism:  an out-of-the-box perspective

20h30 | Congress closing dinner