1. May be ordinary members of APECATE, if they comply with the provisions of the Statutes and the requirements indicated by the Specialized Sections stated below:

  • Companies that organize congresses;
  • Companies that organize events;
  • Tourism companies and tour operators;
  • Travel and tourism agencies and other companies in the tourism sector which include in their object the organization of congresses, events or tourist activities;
  • The companies organizing holiday camps.

2. Collaborator members of APECATE may be:

  • Companies and service providers related to the organization of congresses, events and tourist activities;


Membership Fees

The fee for joining APECATE during 2016 is the following:

Registration Fee: 250,00 € *

Annual Fee:

  • Congresses and Events Section: 400,00 €
  • Touristic Animation Section: 400,00 €
  • Collaborators: € 300.00


* Exceptionally, since 2012 the registration fee was abolished.

Joining Process

  • Candidates applying for APECATE´s membership must send the following documents to Social Headquarters:
  • Application Form properly filled and signed by the head of the company
  • A copy of the Company Card;
  • A copy of the company’s Business Register, or the online access code;
  • A summary of the business case of the exercise time of its substance less than one year;
  • Identification of two APECATE members who are proposing their candidature (optional).

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