Welcome to the new APECATE page!

In a changing world, in which the new competitiveness challenges compel us to rethink business models and to find innovative ways to be in the market, the business Forum that APECATE is brings added value together with this communication platform, now with a lighter, more dynamic and interactive structure.

Tourism in general and more specifically the economic activities areas that we represent has had great development, which raises serious problems, which entrepreneurs cannot simply ignore. Therefore, this has been and still is, a priority target for all of us, the search for constructive solutions that will serve the sector and ensure that it grows in a sustainable way, complying with the social, cultural, economic and environmental principles that we uphold.

On the eve of our 10th anniversary we make a positive balance of everything that we have achieved with the support of our associates, to improve to render the entrepreneurs’ life and work easier.

We are a renowned association, with encouraging results at the legal framework, training, qualification and promotion level.

But we need to continue growing in order to get stronger! With our voice and our action, by uniting congress and event organisers, tourism animation entrepreneurs and all the associated services suppliers which are so important for the success and prestige of our achievements.

Come and meet us and give us your contribution by presenting your problems, ideas and suggestions.

We are counting on everybody’s contribution.

Keep up the good work!

António Marques Vidal