Studies in Madrid (Spain)
She completed her High School studies in Madrid, where she obtained a Diploma in French and English Language and Cultural Studies: a 4 year course at the Official School of Languages of Madrid, and completed complementary language courses at the Berlitz and the Mangold Schools of Languages of Madrid.

Studies in Lisbon (Portugal)
In Lisbon she obtained the Advanced Diploma in Modern French Studies of the Alliance Française de Lisbonne, the Diploma in Italian Language, Cultural and Translation Studies of the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Portogallo, and completed 3 years of intensive German Language and Cultural studies at the Goethe-Institut Lisboa.

Jobs in Madrid (Spain)
In Madrid she worked as a French language teacher in a Business School, a TAP-Air Portugal Ground Stewardess and an AVIACO/IBERIA Flight Attendant.

Jobs in Lisbon (Portugal)
In 1972, she was invited to collaborate in the organization of a World Congress on School and University Medicine and later in the organization of a World Congress on Pharmaceutical Sciences. At the end of this second congress, the Organizing Committee encouraged her to set up her own company, which she did in 1974 under the name of CONTUR-Congresses and Tourism (OPC), an SME whose first job was to co-organize a World Congress of Psychiatry.

In 1986, CONTUR became a joint-stock company under the name of CI-Congressos e Informática, with the complementary activity of giving beginners’ courses in computing to physicians. Subsequently, the company changed its name to the current CI-Congressos e Incentivos, Lda. From 1972 until today, Concepción Díez Roncon has thus been organizing and collaborating in the organization of innumerous Medical Congresses, Conferences and other events, as well as in a wide variety of Conferences on other subjects.
In addition to managing and coordinating her team of collaborators, she has always worked as a translator and conference interpreter herself. In this area, she highlights her work as an interpreter and official translator for the company Doppelmayr-Transportes por Cable, builders of the Telecabine Lisboa (cable car) at the EXPO’98, from 1997 until 2009. During the EXPO’98, she was also the official Spanish translator of all the information on the multimedia kiosks, as well as of all the general and specific information related to the expo’s Pavilions and Services.

She translated all the documentation concerning 8 modules of training for the ETUC (European Trade Union Confederation) from Portuguese into French, and has been translating several Specifications for International Public Tenders from French and English into Spanish and Portuguese in Portugal and Spain all along her career. She specializes in legal and insurance translations.

Member of the following Associations
She is a member of the APECATE, EFAPCO and former APOC, and integrates the Social Bodies of the Casa de España in Lisbon. She was recently also a member of the Family Businesses Association and of the Estoril Congress Center.

Volunteering work
She has volunteered for the Portuguese Red Cross (with a recognition medal awarded), for the Vincentian Conferences and for Soroptimist International (NGO): a Professional Women’s Movement worldwide supported by international organizations. In the latter, she was a founding member of Club II in Lisbon and since 2000 she is a member of the SIEC-Soroptimist International, Estoril-Cascais Club. She has held several positions in both clubs, such as that of President of the Estoril-Cascais Club.